Too long have we stood idly by, wanting a better solution for our gaming needs, having second rate peripherals thrust upon us, like gruel to starving children! We cried out for revolt, for someone to listen, but no one came to our aid!

Well now we take up arms to defeat the tyranny of evil doers, that treat us like cattle and toy with our hard earned dosh!

We will build a better product, and when we have built that we will build a better one! and onward we will march towards the destruction of all that is poorly designed, and provide a brighter future for our gaming brethren and their future sprogs, and even if its with our last breath...

We will make a difference!


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PS3™ Headsets

Gaming headsets for Playstation 3 ™

  • EX-01
  • EX-02
  • EX-03
  • Xbox 360© Headsets

    Gaming headsets for Xbox 360©

  • AX1-R
  • EX-03
  • EX-05
  • EX-05 Lite
  • MH-1
  • TX-2
  • Multi-Format headsets

    For PS3™, Xbox 360© & PC

  • EX-05 Wired
  • EX-05 Wireless
  • EX-05s
  • EX-06
  • PS3™ Chargers

    Charging Stations for PS3™

  • AC-1
  • DF-1
  • Xbox 360© chargers

    Charging Stations for Xbox 360©

  • AC-1
  • DF-1
  • PS3™ Controllers

    Controllers and steering wheels for PS3™

  • FR-1
  • GC-1
  • GC-2
  • SC-1
  • VX-1 Wired
  • VX-1 Wireless
  • VX-2 Wireless
  • Other Accessories - Multi-format

    For PS3™, Xbox 360© & PC

  • RC-1
  • RC-5
  • XC4-HQ
  • Other Accessories for PS3™

  • In2Link
  • Lume-N8
  • RealTriggers
  • XC3-HQ
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