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At Gioteck we offer gaming enthusiasts the latest and most innovative gaming peripherals to help improve your gaming experience. As a leading retailer in PS3 accessories, Xbox accessories and PC accessories we devote ourselves to being one step ahead of the competition by providing you with durable, reliable and innovative accessories packed with the latest technology allowing you to truly immerse yourself in games, across all platforms.

Designed by gamers for gamers, there is little that we here at Gioteck don't know in the gaming world and this is reflected in our current range of quality peripherals. Enabling you to experience the ultimate gaming experience, our range includes everything from high quality wireless surround sound gaming headsets to the latest and most advanced PS3 controllers giving you that cutting edge on the battlefield, football pitch or race track. Our range of products will make your journey through level after level even more exciting, realistic and above all give you a competitive edge.

With a brand established for more than 10 years, Gioteck have the knowledge to understand what real gamers both need and want. Offering the most unique and quality designs, we deliver you with everything you need to distinguish yourself as a hardcore gamer, to rise above the rest and challenge all the amateurs that you face on a day to day basis.


Having the latest and greatest gaming headsets provides you with the advantage that so many gamers seek. Gioteck specialise in creating and designing a wide variety of headsets across all platforms that not only offer the latest in surround sound and other technology, they also look the part. With a range of multi-format headsets available, you are also able to get the best of both gaming worlds with our ES-05 series which provides you with the perfect PS3 headset or Xbox headset.

Offering you a wide range of different gaming headsets to suit all situations and types of gamer, the choices available all have one thing in common. The design and quality of the mechanics in all our gaming headsets are second to none with high quality speakers allowing you to hear the footsteps of your opponent as they attempt in vain to out flank you or the bolt action like gear change of a competitor attempting to overtake you on the race track. By providing you with microphones that can deliver crystal clear communications to both your teammates or enemies, there is no better way to express your opinions than with any of our gaming headsets.

Made even more enjoyable by the lack of cables and wires, we at Gioteck have created some of the best quality wireless headsets available on the market, utilising Bluetooth technology. Our Bluetooth headphones are appreciated by both hardcore, professional gamers and those wanting a reliable gaming headset for occasional use. The freedom from cables, the comfort of a light weight headset, these are benefits that allows you to fully immerse yourself in gaming and reach for the next level.


Kit out your Playstation 3 with the latest Gioteck PS3 accessories and peripherals and enjoy a range designed to specifically fit seamlessly with everything Playstation. Optimised to enhance your gaming experience even further, we have created and designed quality products such as:

  • PS3 Controllers
  • PS3 Controller Charging Units
  • PS3 Steering Wheel
  • High Quality Cables
  • Gaming Chairs
  • Lighting

Made out of elegant and feel good materials to improve both the look and feel of your Playstation, our PS3 wireless controller range will give you the upper hand on the big screen thanks to its programmable buttons and unique design, engineered to feel more natural in your hand without being restricted by wires. Customizable to make it easier for you to win, finding the perfect PS3 controller is a primary objective.

Going hand in hand with our unique and innovative charging units, even when you are not in play you are still able to charge your controllers in style, quickly and efficiently. Universal with a range of different controller types, you need one of these to stay at the top of the leader board for longer.

All our accessories are made from the latest materials with many featuring military inspired graphics. With materials chosen for a combination of durability and performance, be assured your weapon won't jam, your gear change will not slip and the important penalty can be driven at the goal with confidence. Dare to be different and arm yourself with a PS3 controller designed specifically for you the gamer.

Xbox Accessories

Created for Microsoft's powerful gaming machine, we here at Gioteck have created a range of xbox accessories that will accompany your console and offer you peripherals tailored for the serious gamer. Below are just some of the Gioteck products that can help you on your gaming endeavours:

  • Xbox Headset
  • Controller Charging Units
  • High Quality Cables
  • Gaming Chairs

Understanding that your dedicated gaming time needs to be without discomfort or interruption, our range of Xbox accessories aim to work with you and eliminate frustration, caused by sticking buttons or loss of signal. Made from military grade materials and styled in a way that will fit the theme of any gaming enthusiast, our products will be on hand, helping you climb the multiplayer rankings.

Our range of durable Gioteck gaming chairs offers another way to fully immerse yourself in the story of your chosen game. Constructed from a blend of durable materials, matched with robust padding for comfort, the rumble features and positioning of the racer style chairs give you the support needed for prolonged gaming experiences. When your half way through a clan match the last thing you need is to feel uncomfortable! Whether your sitting back in an F1 car simulator, flying a spaceship into battle or simply wanting a comfortable and interactive focused gaming chair, we aim to bring out the most in all games.

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