Terraria is Coming to PS Vita

Terraria the recently released XBA and PSN title is also coming to Vita.

Described as the 2D Mine Craft, but perhaps with an even quirkier fantasy land to explore. Engine Software are porting it over to the system. They expect to make use of the variety of inputs on the system such as rear and front touch.

Commenting on the announcement, SCEE’s Senior Business Development Manager Shahid Ahmad said, “For us this is a real coup, the opportunity to bring such a loved game to one of our platforms is really exciting. We are also really confident about how much fans are going to love the PS Vita version; the touch screen will ensure a totally unique experience.”

We don’t know yet if the game will include cross-buy or cross platform saves (between the PS3 and Vita). We have reached out and are awaiting a reply on that front.

Sony are desperate to increase the software available for the system and 2013 will be the year where we can expect to see an increase in download only titles for the system.