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EX-03 Next Gen Wired Headset

01 Flexible Wired Earhook

02 Earbud

03 Microphone

04 Mute Slider On / Off

05 Volume Control Wheel

06 Mini Jack

07 Flexible Microphone Arm


The EX-03 Wired Headset is designed for maximum flexibility and comfort. You can mold the earhook to size and choose from 3 different earbuds for the perfect fit. Simply follow the instructions below for details.

EX-03 Next Gen Wired Headset

Ear bud fitting

1. Take the size of ear bud that you want to use and place the ear bud on the back edge of the stalk.

2. Apply pressurenthen roll the ear bud onto the stalk of the earpiece.

EX-03 Next Gen Wired Headset

Headset positioning

For a comfortable fit, hold the EX-03 body (01) and flex the earhook upwards (02) looping it around your ear (03). Once the earhook is in position, carefully place the speaker into your ear (04) and make any final adjustments so that the headset is firmly in position. Finally, maneuver the microphone arm into place where you feel it offers maximum voice clarity.

EX-03 Next Gen Wired Headset

With the EX-03 Wired Headset comfortably in position (01), you can now insert the mini jack into your Xbox 360® controller (02).

EX-03 Next Gen Wired Headset


Once you are set up make sure that Mute is OFF and the Volume is turned UP. You are now ready to talk to and listen to your friends.

Setting up the mic

Before use of your headset please set the microphone as follows:
With some music or game sounds playing in the background go to Settings>Messages>Create new Message> enter a gamertag> add voice
Start the recording but wait a second or two before beginning to speak
Play back the message to check the volume levels
Repeat if necessary

Each time you use your headset make sure that there is music or game sounds in the background before plugging in your headset. Wait one or two seconds before starting to speak in order to reset the microphone level.

Trouble Shooting

My friends can't hear me

1. Check that the headset is plugged in to the Xbox 360® Controller.
2. Make sure Mute is OFF.

I can't hear my friends.

1. Have you remembered to turn up the volume?

My ears are ringing after I use the headset.

1. You have the audio turned up too loud. Audio that is too loud can permanently damage your ears so please be careful.

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