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Trouble Shooting

My Remote isn't working with my movie.

Make sure the IR Receiver is not covered up and has clear line of sight with the Remote.

You need to be within 15 feet of the IR Receiver.

Try unplugging and re-plugging in the IR Receiver into USB port 1 on the PS3™ console.

A particular movie studio uses a slight variation on their Blu-ray™ mapping, in this instance.

We have programmed the MX1 to behave the same as described in Operation on page 6, but with a longer press on the following functions: Play/Pause, rewind & fast forward.

I am having trouble getting my wireless controller to work.

Try pressing the PS button on your wireless controller and assign port 1. Refer to the PS3™ manual.

Your wireless controller may need to be charged. Please follow the instruction manual supplied with your PS3™ for further info.

My Gamepad doesn't seem to work with the MX1 plugged in.

Press the PS Button on your controller and select reassign controller, and change the assignment to 1.

If you still have a problem

Please contact support with any problems/issues you have. Our trained staff have detailed knowledge of our product range and will be happy to solve any problems. (English language support only).

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