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MX-1 Micro Media Remote

01. IR Transmitter

02. Home Button

03. Centre Button

04. Inner Ring

05. Outer Ring

06. Battery Door

07. IR Receiver

Set up

The MX-1 is designed for today’s uncluttered micro lifestyle, and with a length of only 100mm and a depth of less than 10mm, it takes pride of place in any modern day lounge. Set up is uncomplicated and takes a matter of seconds.

MX-1 Micro Media Remote

1. Remove the Battery Protection Strip on your remote.

2. Connect the USB IR Receiver to any USB port on the PS3™.

3. Turn on your PS3™.

4. Insert a DVD or Blu-Ray™ disc.

5. Ensure that you are within 4.5 metres and have direct line of sight with the IR receiver.

Battery replacement

MX-1 Micro Media Remote

1. Using your thumb tip, press and slide the battery door open.

2. Use your fingernail or small flat head screwdriver, prise the battery away as indicated. Remove any battery protection film if first time use.

3. Insert a new battery [CR2032] 3V.

4. Replace the battery door.

Operating your remote

Ergonomically designed around the rotation of your thumb, Play, Pause, Up, Down, Fast Forward, Chapter Skip etc, are all there right where you would expect them to be, thoughtfully layered onto two control rings.

MX-1 Micro Media Remote

Home button

Press this button to quit playback of your movie, or hold down for 1 second to switch off your console.

Centre button

Press to select in the XMB™ or movie menu, and press to play or pause during movie playback.

MX-1 Micro Media Remote

Inner ring

Press to navigate up, down, left and right in the XMB™ or movie menu. During movie playback: Pressing the left button will rewind at 1.5x speed, pressing again will rewind at 10x speed, and once more at 30x speed; Pressing the right button will fast forward at 1.5x speed, pressing again will fast forward at 10x speed, and once more at 30x speed.

Outer ring

Left Press: Previous Chapter

Right Press: Next Chapter

Upwards Press: Menu

Hold Down Upwards Press: Display

Downwards Press: Options

Hold Down Downwards Press: Circle function (Usually used for back in XMB™).

Care & maintenance

If the battery is leaking and you come in contact with it, take the following actions:

Contact with eyes: Do not rub, Flush with clean water. Clean infected area with water. Seek medical attention immediately.

Contact with skin/clothes: Clean infected area with water. Contact your doctor immediately if swelling or soreness occurs.


It is best to store the Remote in a dry and dust free area. Do not store near extreme temperatures.


Never open the Remote body. Opening the Remote body will void your warranty. Keep out of reach of children so that small parts cannot be swallowed. Make sure to follow the directions carefully to avoid injury.

Always make sure to cover any metal contacts on the battery with a piece of tape when disposing of the battery. Never handle damaged or leaking batteries. Do not allow battery to come in contact with extreme heat or fire. Avoid direct sunlight or heat sources such as a heater.

RECYCLING BATTERIES. Please help preserve our environment; Watch type batteries are recyclable. Make sure to return your battery to a collection and recycling center near you.

Trouble Shooting

My Remote isn't working with my movie.

Make sure the IR Receiver is not covered up and has clear line of sight with the Remote.

You need to be within 15 feet of the IR Receiver.

Try unplugging and re-plugging in the IR Receiver into USB port 1 on the PS3™ console.

A particular movie studio uses a slight variation on their Blu-ray™ mapping, in this instance.

We have programmed the MX1 to behave the same as described in Operation on page 6, but with a longer press on the following functions: Play/Pause, rewind & fast forward.

I am having trouble getting my wireless controller to work.

Try pressing the PS button on your wireless controller and assign port 1. Refer to the PS3™ manual.

Your wireless controller may need to be charged. Please follow the instruction manual supplied with your PS3™ for further info.

My Gamepad doesn't seem to work with the MX1 plugged in.

Press the PS Button on your controller and select reassign controller, and change the assignment to 1.

If you still have a problem

Please contact support with any problems/issues you have. Our trained staff have detailed knowledge of our product range and will be happy to solve any problems. (English language support only).

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