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In2Link USB module systemFOR PS3™



01. Main Hub

02. IR receiver

03. USB ports

04. In2link Door

05. USB connectors

06. DC Charge Socket

07. Retractable USB Module

08. USB Connectors

09. Retractable mini USB

10. In2link Door

Set up

The In2Link is very easy to set up, simply follow the instructions below.

Main hub

To attach the Main Hub, align the USB connectors on the main hub of the In2link with USB ports on the PS™ and securely push the In2link into position (01).


Make sure you remove the Main Hub from your PS3™ Slim before attaching additional modules.

Additional modules

To add other In2link modules remove the Main Hub from the PS3™, line up the 2 modules as shown below and click together (02). You can now attach the In2link Modules onto your PS3™ (03).



The 'Main Hub' offers four USB ports - three neatly concealed behind a dust excluding door and another on the side. The USB ports can be used for any USB device e.g. USB cables, wireless receivers.

Infra-red receiver

An infra-red receiver is built into the main hub for use with infra-red peripherals. This can be used with your Gioteck MX-1 Micro Media Remote and similar compatible IR remote control devices.

DC charge

When using high powered USB devices (e.g. external hard drives) or charging multiple devices it may be necessary to connect an external power supply (not supplied) to the back of the In2link. The power supply should be 1A (max)@5V DC.


Retractable USB

The Retractable USB module attaches to the side of In2link main hub by USB. The cable will extend to a maximum of 40 cm (15 inches). To extend the Mini USB cable from the In2link pull gently (01). To retract the cable, gently pull the cable out by an additional 1 cm (half an inch) and then release.


Trouble Shooting

The PS3™ Slim is taking a long time to charge my USB devices.

The In2link may need more power. Please connect an external power supply.

My IR remote control is not working.

1. Please check that your remote control is compatible with the In2link.
2. Make sure that your PS3™ is switched ON and the In2link is attached correctly.
3. Press the Home button on your remote and wait 5 seconds until the PS3™ has assigned a port to the In2Link receiver.

My PS3™ controller is not working during gameplay.

Some games require your PS3 controller to be assigned to port 1. To check this, Go to: Settings–Accessory settings–Reassign Controllers.

If you still have a problem

Please contact support with any problems/issues you have. Our trained staff have detailed knowledge of our product range and will be happy to solve any problems. (English language support only).

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