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Trouble Shooting

Q/ My headset won't connect to my PS3™!

A/ Firstly, make sure you read the manual/quick start guide that came with your headset. It has all you need to know about correctly configuring your headset.

Q/ But I've lost my manual. What do I do now?

A/ Follow this link to download the EX-01 Headset Manual.

Q/ I'm not receiving the "Register Completed" message. I'm receiving a "Connection Could Not Be Established ( 80010009)" error message instead.

A/ This can happen first time around. Try once more repeating steps 2 & 3 above.

Q/ I'm still getting the same message

A/ In that case make sure that you turn off the PS3™ system into standby mode. The red LED in front of the PS3™ will confirm standby mode. Then switch the main PS3™ power off at the back of the unit using the on/off switch. Leave the power off for a few seconds then switch back on again and repeat the pairing process once more.

Q/ No sorry, that still isn't solving the problem.

A/ Please contact our support address and let them know that you have followed the instructions and you are receiving the Connection Could Not Be Established ( 80010009)" error message. They'll assist and advise you what to do next.

Q/ How do I ensure that I have configured my headset correctly?

A/ Once you have completed the headset registration, you can configure your headset in the "Audio Device Settings", Sub Menu within "Accessory Settings" of the PS3™. Select PS3™ EX-01 for both "Input" and "Output" devices and then press OK and your ready to go.

Q/ I've selected PS3™ EX-01 for both "Input" and "Output" devices, but can't hear any sound?

A/ You should be able to talk into the microphone and see the microphone level meter at the top of the Audio Device Settings menu move up and down. If it doesn't, then exit the Audio Device Settings by pressing OK at the bottom of the screen then re-enter the menu by selecting Audio Device Settings once more. Try speaking into the microphone again.

Q/ There is still no microphone activity shown on the meter or when I talk into the microphone.

A/ Set the microphone level on level 5 and shout!

Q/ Still nothing!

A/ Please contact support

Q/ My microphone is working fine but I'm still not hearing any sound. Any ideas?

A/ You may need to perform a PS3™ "System Update". Voice and sound tests for audio accessories such as the EX-01 have been provided by Sony® from System Update Version v2.30. We highly recommend that unless you have a direct internet connection to the Sony® Network from your PS3™, that you do not attempt to manually perform a manual System Update using a USB device or SD Memory Card.

Q/ I've had my headset and remember hearing an audible bleep when I turned the headset On/Off or disconnected it. Now when I turn On/Off or disconnect I hear nothing.

A/ Please contact our support desk at

Q/ I've managed to get sound by testing the headset using sound tests in Audio Device Settings and Voice Changer, but now I'm online, playing my game and now I can't hear myself or others. Help!

A/ Once you've determined that the headset works offline, it should work online. There may be many or a combination of reasons why this could be happening. Type of game and internet bandwidth, are probably the most common causes. If you have access to the internet it may be an idea to go to the Sony® PlayStation®3 forums, to see if other users are experiencing similar issues.

Q/ I seem to have pressed the headset on/off button, when I wanted to change volume and now my sound is being interrupted by an engaged tone every 5 seconds. What's that all about?

A/ It's quite easy to push the On/Off button when you are trying to change volume up and down. When you do this it puts the EX-01 into "mute". To release the headset from mute and stop that annoying noise, just press the On/Off button once lightly and normal service will resume! Once you become more familiar with the EX-01 you'll get the hang of where your paws have to go to change volume!

If you still have a problem

Please contact support with any problems/issues you have. Our trained staff have detailed knowledge of our product range and will be happy to solve any problems. (English language support only).

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