Gioteck support



Trouble Shooting

I am unable to charge my Gioteck H-Series controller.

1. You will need to purchase a Gioteck H-Series battery pack.
2. Make sure that the battery pack is properly installed and fully charged before use.

I am unable to charge my PS3™ controller.

1. Make sure your PS3™ controller is correctly installed.
2. Make sure that you have the PS3™ connectivity kit.

The Red LED is flashing continuously.

1. The DF-1 has detected an over voltage condition please check you have connected the correct A/C adapter 5V 1A.

My controller has been charging for over 8 hours & the Green LED is not coming on.

1. Make sure your controller has been switched off during charging.

When I put my controller into the DF-1 the LEDs breathe RED for a short while before going Green.

1. This is normal, the charger will always attempt to charge a battery even if it is already fully charged.

I want to charge my Xbox 360® batteries in the box.

1. You will need to purchase the DF-1 for Xbox 360®.

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