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The DF-1 Dualfuel Ammo Box eliminates wires & clutter around your console, and looks like it means business with it's full metal jacket & midnight camo paint! This multi-faceted charging dock for PS3™ and Gioteck H-Series controllers has everything you need to keep your ammo fully loaded!


01. Metal lid

02. Heavy Duty Hinges

03. Inner Charging Tray

04. Latch

05. LED Charge Indicators

06. Interchangeable A/C Adaptor

07. PS3 Charging Adaptors

08. Gioteck H-Series Battery Pack (sold seperately)

Set up

Please follow the steps on the next few pages for details on how to set up your DF-1 Dualfuel Ammo Box.

Firstly, you will need to make sure the correct adaptor is being used for your region (01), and click into place (02). Next, you will need to connect the A/C adaptor into the back of the DF-1 (03) and plug it into a charging socket (04).


NOTE: The DF-1 is supplied with a 5V 1Amp charger. Do not attempt to use any other charger.

Charging sony controllers

The DF-1 can be used to charge both Gioteck's H-Series & PS3™ controllers. To use the DF-1 to charge a Sony DualShock or Six Axis controller you will need to attach the PS3™ charging adaptor as follows.
Note: If the adaptors are found to be already in place skip sections 1 and 2.

1. Guide the charging adaptor into position by lining it up with the slots.


2. Push the bottom of the adaptor down until it clicks into place.


3. Align the mini usb port on your controller with the usb connector.


4. Push the USB connector into the port until it clicks.


5. Rest the handles of your controller on the inner tray. Your controller is now ready to be charged.


6. To remove your controller, gently slide the connector out of the usb port.


charging gioteck h-series controllers

Before you begin using DF-1 Dualfuel Ammo Box with your Gioteck H-Series controller, make sure that your controller is fitted with a rechargeable battery pack. Please follow the set up instructions below.


1. Using your thumb, apply pressure to the catch on the battery door.

2. Lift off the battery door and remove your old batteries.

3. Replace with a rechargeable battery pack (metal contacts showing at the top).

Charging gioteck h-series controllers

Once a rechargeable battery pack has been fitted (page 7), simply place your controllers directly into the charging tray on top of the metal contacts (01,02,03). To store your controllers out of the way during charging you can close the box (04,05,06).
Note: It is not necessary to charge both controllers at the same time.



When your DF-1 Dualfuel Ammo Box is charging, red & green LEDs will indicate controller charge status. During charging you can store your controllers out of the way by closing the box.

charge status - charging

When the DF-1 is charging,the LEDs on the left will breathe red.

Fast red flashing : System Initiation
Power has been applied / controller is connected.

Slow red breathing : Charging
A controller has been fitted correctly and begun charging.

Continuous red flashing : Overvoltage
Please check the correct A/C charger is connected.


charge status - charged

When the DF-1 has finished charging the LEDs on the right will slowly breathe green for 20 minutes. Then, the DF-1 will enter power save mode and LEDs will breathe green once every minute.

Slow green breathing : Charged / Power Save Mode
Your controller is fully charged and ready for use.


Trouble Shooting

I am unable to charge my Gioteck H-Series controller.

1. You will need to purchase a Gioteck H-Series battery pack.
2. Make sure that the battery pack is properly installed and fully charged before use.

I am unable to charge my PS3™ controller.

1. Make sure your PS3™ controller is correctly installed.
2. Make sure that you have the PS3™ connectivity kit.

The Red LED is flashing continuously.

1. The DF-1 has detected an over voltage condition please check you have connected the correct A/C adapter 5V 1A.

My controller has been charging for over 8 hours & the Green LED is not coming on.

1. Make sure your controller has been switched off during charging.

When I put my controller into the DF-1 the LEDs breathe RED for a short while before going Green.

1. This is normal, the charger will always attempt to charge a battery even if it is already fully charged.

I want to charge my Xbox 360® batteries in the box.

1. You will need to purchase the DF-1 for Xbox 360®.

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