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Features & details

The HF-2 has been ergonomically designed to enhance the "First Person Shooter" gameplay experience. You’ll find it’s the little touches that make all the difference.


1. Home Button

2. Select Button

3. Turbo Button

4. Start Button

5. Crescent with LED feedback

6. L3 Thumbstick

7. Buttons

8. Directional Pad

9. R3 Thumbstick

10. R1 Button

11. R2 Button

12. L1 Button

13. L2 Button

14. Mini-USB Port

15. Flip Switch

16. Battery Compartment

Set up

The HF-2 Controller is very easy to set up, and for your convenience it can be used as either a wired or wireless device.

To use your controller as a wired device connect the USB to the PS3™ [01] and the mini USB to the controller's charging socket [02].

Note: The HF-2 does not need to contain batteries to function as a wired device.


Battery replacement

To use your controller wirelessly, remove the battery compartment cover and insert two AA batteries


1. Using your thumb, press in the catch on the battery door [01].

2. Lift to open.

3. Replace with new batteries

4. Replace the battery door.

Pairing your controller

The HF-2 must be paired to your PS3™ to use it wirelessly. To enable pairing, connect your controller to the PS3™ via a USB cable and pairing will happen automatically. Once paired, one or two LEDs within the crescent of the controller will light depending on which port the controller has been assigned to.


Assigning ports

To assign the HF-2 to a different port, follow the instructions below:


1. Press X on Accessory Settings.


2. Press X on Reassign Controllers.


3. Scroll to assign the controller to your desired port.

Operating your controller

To power on your controller, press and hold the home button for 2 seconds until a red LED appears in the crescent. To power off your controller, press and hold the home button for 1 second.

Note: The HF-2 will go into sleep mode if not used for 10 minutes. To wake up the controller, press the Home button.


Turbo function

Pressing an action button assigned with turbo will simulate the button being pressed rapidly e.g. "boost firepower".

To enable turbo function: While pressing the Turbo button, press & release the action button you wish to turbo. To switch turbo off, repeat the procedure above. NOTE: More than one button can be assigned the turbo function at any one time.

To clear all turbo functions: Press & hold the Turbo button ONLY for 12 seconds.

Flip switch

The Flip switch swaps the functions assigned to the L1 & L2 and R1 & R2 buttons.


Thumbstick Calibration

The HF-2 has calibrated thumbsticks that will sharpen aim and improve accuracy during serious FPS gameplay. If would like to change the HF-2 thumbstick sensitivity, download the latest Gioteck software from the HF-2 support pages at our firmware update page


In the event that a system update interfers with the operation of your controller, go to our firmware update page to download the latest Gioteck updates.

Trouble Shooting

The HF-2 will not turn on.

1. Check to make sure that the batteries or battery pack is fully charged.
2. Make sure that the batteries are properly installed.

The HF-2 is switched on but is not recognized by the PS3™.

1. Make sure that the HF-2 is paired to the PS3™ (see page 6).
2. Press the HOME button (the large arched button on the front) to wake the controller up from sleep mode and reconnect.

The LED is flashing even though the rechargeable batteries are fully charged.

1. Rechargeable batteries provide a low voltage which triggers the LED to flash. Even at a low voltage, the batteries will still provide substantial game time.

The SixAxis function is not working in my game.

1. The HF-2 does not have SixAxis support.

If you still have a problem

Please contact support with any problems/issues you have. Our trained staff have detailed knowledge of our product range and will be happy to solve any problems. (English language support only).

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