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Trouble Shooting

The HF-2 will not turn on.

1. Check to make sure that the batteries or battery pack is fully charged.
2. Make sure that the batteries are properly installed.

The HF-2 is switched on but is not recognized by the PS3™.

1. Make sure that the HF-2 is paired to the PS3™ (see page 6).
2. Press the HOME button (the large arched button on the front) to wake the controller up from sleep mode and reconnect.

The LED is flashing even though the rechargeable batteries are fully charged.

1. Rechargeable batteries provide a low voltage which triggers the LED to flash. Even at a low voltage, the batteries will still provide substantial game time.

The SixAxis function is not working in my game.

1. The HF-2 does not have SixAxis support.

If you still have a problem

Please contact support with any problems/issues you have. Our trained staff have detailed knowledge of our product range and will be happy to solve any problems. (English language support only).

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