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Gioteck Customer Support Terms and Conditions

At Gioteck we believe in quality products and keeping our customers happy. There are unfortunately times when a customer may not be able to install or configure a product. To obtain support from our Customer Support Team, please go to:

Please complete the Online Contact Form making sure that you are accessing the correct region and that you complete all the fields of the contact form.. Technical Support is provided to the original owner or purchaser of the product for one year after the purchase date based on a copy of a dated receipt. Support is not available to Customers who obtained the product used, handed-down or via eBay (except for Gioteck eBay Store), auctions or other unauthorized venues.

The contact form you complete generates an email which goes directly to our Customer Support Team. While detailed Technical information is essential to our ability to assist you, try to keep it as brief and to the point as possible as there is limited space on the form. Please complete all the fields as accurately as possible. Failure to complete all fields may result in the contact form being rejected. You will receive an automated acknowledgement. Check your email Inbox and make sure that our replies are not being treated as spam. Please do not generate multiple contact forms.

Support email is answered on a 'first come, first served basis. In order to be fair to all of our Customers our Support staff answer all emails in the exact order they are received. They cannot give priority to a certain email (no matter how important/urgent your individual query may be).

When you receive an emailed response from our team always respond to the latest email keeping the thread in the body of the email and the product information/customer ticket number in the subject line. This will speed up the response to you.

Product Failure - Procedure for Return and Replacement

If there is a problem with one of our products that is still in warranty, we are happy to replace that product. The Warranty refers to the replacement of a defective product during this period and not a refund. Accidents or misuse are not covered by this Warranty. We do ask that you obtain authorisation from our Customer Support team before sending anything back, so that we can properly log, track, test and if appropriate replace. We are not responsible for lost packages sent without this authorisation or to any other address other than that provided to you.

If your product fails within the warranty period (see Warranty Information below) please contact Gioteck Customer Support via our Website. The details are given above.

Our Support staff must troubleshoot a product to verify the defect and only then issue authorisation to return the failing unit.

When requested please email a copy of your *DATED* purchase receipt as a small attachment.

Unauthorized Packages will be Refused and *Returned to Sender* at the Sender's expense.

Products must be returned in a clean condition. We reserve the right to refuse to test and subsequently not replace a product or part of a product which is deemed as being in an unfit state to test. This particularly applies to headphones.

Gioteck Support Etiquette:

It is Gioteck's policy to conduct business communications in a professional manner, with a respectful tone toward all. We ask that customers contacting us conduct themselves in a reasonably professional manner, without overtly aggressive, profane or abusive language, or other obviously objectionable content.

Any company has the right to protect itself and its employees from receiving emails containing objectionable content. Please refrain from including any such objectionable content in your business communications with Gioteck and your emails will be answered respectfully and cordially.

Consider that our support staff lack the advantage that you have of looking at your system (screen) and knowing it. In order to be able to offer assistance, they do need your help. The fact that they first must cover and rule-out the basics, does not imply that they regard you as a technical novice.

There will be times that they may not be able to resolve technical issues specific to a particular 'problematic' system. This does not mean that they are incompetent or that they have not given proper attention to the issue.

Since the volume of emails answered is often very large, try to keep previous email exchanges in the body of your email so that have they can quickly follow the thread and speed up their response to you.


All Gioteck Products are covered for a period of one year from the proven date of purchase by the original Purchaser ("Warranty Period")

  • The Warranty covers failing components due to manufacturing defects. The Warranty refers to the replacement of a defective product/part of a product during the one year period and not a refund. User Errors, Accidents or Acts Of God are not covered by any Warranty. If the item was misused, handled improperly, physically broken, dropped, stepped on, chewed by a dog, etc. it is NOT covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Any Extended Warranty or Service Plans purchased through a Retail store are not honored by Gioteck. After the one year Warranty expires please address any issues to the Retail store that provided you with the Extended Warranty.
  • Depending on inventory availability, replacement items may be *refurbished*.
  • Shipping charges are not refundable. Customers pay for Shipping to our premises, Gioteck pays for the return shipment. We ship back by Royal Mail 1st Class Service (UK/EU/Rest of World) or USPS from the USA .
  • The defective unit must be first received, tested, verified that the issue is as reported by the user and then replaced at our discretion. If our technical staff cannot reproduce the issue as reported, it will be returned AS IS.
  • The replaced item will be warranted for the remaining period on your original Warranty. This does not extend the original Warranty Period. The same applies if you purchase replacement components for the same product.
  • There is no repair service as nowadays it is more costly to repair electronics than the price of a new item. Cables that are permanently connected are not replaceable.
  • The return package will ship back within 2-4 Business days from the day we receive it, not from the day you sent it.
  • We are not responsible for any damage to any 3rd party products connected to our products
  • We reserve the right to refuse repair/replacement of any unit that is:
    • Out Of Warranty (Warranty Expired)
    • Is considered to be in an unhygienic condition and cannot therefore be tested
    • Has been tampered with (Warranty is automatically VOID)
    • Proof of purchase cannot be established
    • Product is used for commercial purposes such as:
    • LAN, Call Centres including rental or lease, Schools, Gaming Stations, etc.
    • "LAN Gaming Centre" Warranty due to heavy usage is limited to 90 days
    • Product is no longer available because it was thrown out


We do not give refunds. If you require a refund and are able to meet the refund policy of the Vendor (Retailer or online store – including Gioteck's own store), you will need to make contact with them to arrange this.

Gioteck Disclaimer:

Except for defective items, all products are sold on an *AS IS* basis. Gioteck does NOT warrant that the functions of our products will meet your requirements / expectations or that operation will be uninterrupted or error free. You assume the responsibility for selecting the product to achieve your intended results and for the use and results obtained from it.

Our products support only the platforms and systems they were designed for as described on our Web Site. Systems released after the release of our products may not be supported and this does not constitute reason for a return.