Stereo Headset

Every gamer, every platform, every footstep, every re-load.

The ultimate headset for multi-format gamers – HC3 includes cabling for all major gaming platforms*, for immersive and cinematic audio, however you play.

Our inline control box gives you precise, independent control over game, audio and chat.

Simple, one cable plug and play new consoles get you set up and gaming within moments.

Chat instantly via our flexible boom mic, for lag free audio which keeps you fully immersed in-game.

Our soft-feel, cushioned headband design is fully adjustable.

Gioteck. Let’s Game.


Playstation 4, Xbox One*, PC, Mac, PS3, Xbox 360
*Microsoft® Stereo Headset Adapter required for some Xbox One controllers

  • Key Features


    Crystal clear, cinematic, immersive


    Cabling for all major formats


    Mic-mute, game and voice controls
    Audio amplifier and mixing function


    Padded, lightweight, adjustable


    Sleek feel, illumination and eye-catching design