PS4 Headset Setup Diagrams

As previously announced we have a confirmed line up of PS4 headsets hitting the stores between the end of November and mid December.

We wanted to share with you the setup diagrams for the Sony PS4 headsets so you can see how they will work with your individual gaming system.

Let’s start with the EX-06, our top of the line console. This will be a wireless headset. There will be a USB hub (a small device) which will connect to the PS4 (for power only, so you ‘might’ be able to plug this into anything which can provide USB power). This in turn will attach to the TV (or possibly surround sound amp ALT outs, if yours has one) via phono connections for all the ‘game sound’. In turn the EX-06 headset will connect directly to the DualShock controller for all your chat needs.


Coming up next is the WIRES EX-05s. This too has a USB hub device, but unlike the the EX-06, the headset only connects to the USB device which in turn connects to the same phonos, and in turn it is this USB device which connects to the Dualshock controller for chat. Check it out below:


Now the other PlayStation 4 headsets all connect directly to the dualshock. It’s that simple. The EX-03, MH-1 and EX3-r only provide chat functions, where as the AX-1 and HS-1 provide both game and chat audio. Here are two example setup diagrams from the above range.