PS3 Store Update (European) 28 March

This week’s PS3 store update was pretty good!

So what did we get this week on the PS3 store update? Well there was Bioshock Infinite which launched at £49.99 which for some reason was cheaper than the less hyped (and probably soon to be found discounted in the supermarkets) Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel.

The update also brought Dead or Alive 5 (and DOA5 Plus for Vita), Defiance the third person shooter MMO linked to a TV series of the same name, Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires and Foosball 2012.

Tiger Woods swung into action at £59.99 whilst Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (a cross buy title) tried to steal the limelight at a pretty good value £19.99.

You can also get Killzone HD with Infamous:Festival of Blood for £15.99 combined it would seem.

The exciting fishing simulator Lakemasters Ex was re-released as a PS2 title along with some title called Robot Warlords. I can’t remember either, and can’t imagine there will be a ton of people downloading those, but maybe I’m wrong…

As always there was a ton of DLC released for various titles and even some soundtracks. Details here