PS Vita YouTube App Update

For those of you who have a PS Vita, good news…

Sony have updated the YouTube app, so it now runs in the background. Whilst not earth shattering news in the world of videogames, it’s pretty cool. The Vita YouTube app is superb, and looks lovely on that OLED screen. For many (me included) it is THE way to watch YouTube content. For those with the 3G version of the device, it even works over the 3G network in addition to Wifi.

Many use YouTube for walkthroughs and game hints, so the fact that as with the browser, it now runs at the same time as a game will be a real blessing for getting past those tight spots in various titles. However it’s strange that some apps run in the background and not others. Other noticeable apps that won’t run at the same time as a game for example are the basic Video app and Facebook. This is strange considering that YouTube would seem to be more complex than the basic Video app as it streams (hence buffers to memory) video, and that Twitter works no problem in the background. Even Skype works during games.

Let’s hope that Sony will bring some consistency to the system, so the user experience is predictable across the whole system.