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Gaming headsets for Xbox 360©

  • AX1-R
  • EX-03
  • EX-05
  • EX-05 Lite
  • MH-1
  • TX-2
  • Gioteck Xbox Headset Range

    With the intense power that the Xbox 360 delivers on and offline, an Xbox headset is one of the crucial Xbox accessories that no hard-core gamer should be without. Allowing you to fully immerse yourself in surround sound environments, hear the bullets flying just inches past your head, while taking advantage of the built in microphone, to deliver crystal clear communications to your squad. Plan the next flanking move with your teammates, taunt your opponents or use the high quality sound to sneak past enemy lines in order to commence a surprise attack.

    Like all Gioteck products, our headsets are made from durable and stylish materials packed with the latest in technological audio advancements. Any serious gamer will know the importance of comfort when wearing a headset and this is an area where Gioteck particularly pride themselves. Designed with comfort in mind, our team of engineers and designers have made sure that all our products have the lightest headbands and the most comfortable and breathable ear cups or ear buds, allowing you to game harder for longer. Our EX-05 is a prime example of this and offers gamers serious comfort with outstanding sound quality. These carefully considered designs explain why our Xbox headset range is one of our most popular Xbox accessories.

    Making your gaming experience more realistic is a prime objective for Gioteck and we aim to ensure that all our Xbox accessories combine comfort and style. A strong example of this would be our latest creation, the TX-2 Xbox headset that has taken military inspiration to the next level. With voice pattern technology, this throat mic offers gamers the most realistic experience possible without having to leave the comfort of your gaming chair. Aimed to make you look and feel like you belong on the battlefield, this gaming headset offers you unparalleled sound with supreme comfort for all in game conditions.

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