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    With the awesome power and graphics that the Playstation 3 delivers, it would almost be rude not to get the most out from the fantastic sound options available, not to mention share it with others in game via a microphone. At Gioteck we have designed a range of popular PS3 accessories, including the awesome EX-01 gaming headset, offering the perfect combination of comfort, style and quality.

    Amongst our vast gaming headset range, we offer the serious gamer innovation, technology and practicalities all encased in a stylish and comfortable PS3 headset. Our EX series are some of the most advanced headsets available and allow you to have the cutting edge, whether your giving orders on the battlefield or calling for a pass on the pitch. The advanced design of the EX-03 gaming headset makes it possible for you to hear the approach of footsteps behind you, as your opponent tries to sneak up and end your kill streak, whilst the gaming headset remains light and comfortable so that you'll barely notice you're wearing it. Perfect for coordinating your next move in order to overcome an enemy position up ahead, the noise cancelling microphone also offers you crystal clear communication with no risk of background noise muffling your commands.

    Styled with your Playstation in mind and taking inspiration from the military, with sleek and stealthy designs, our gaming headsets are intended to fit seamlessly with your PlayStation, working with, rather than against Sony's technology. Any hard-core gamer worth his salt will be able to tell you the importance of having the right tools to hand to help you survive for longer and achieve higher ranks more quickly. Be assured that with our Gioteck range of PS3 headsets, you've got the hardware to help you progress – Made by Gamers – For Gamers.

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