PS3™ Controllers

Controllers and steering wheels for PS3™

  • FR-1
  • GC-1
  • GC-2
  • SC-1
  • VX-1 Wired
  • VX-1 Wireless
  • VX-2 Wired
  • VX-2 Wireless
  • Gioteck PS3 Controllers

    A fundamental accessory to any serious gamer, finding the perfect PS3 controller is a task that should not be underestimated. Holding the perfect combination of comfort with practicality, whilst being free from wires and cables is an arrangement that can provide you with the upper hand on the battlefield, defining the difference between winning and losing.

    Gioteck's range of PS3 controllers offer all these qualities and encompass them in a military grade shell that offers a sleek and stylish look. The perfect accessory to any hardcore gamer whether you're looking down the iron sights of your M4A1 with our GC-1 PS3 wireless controller or unleashing a lethal overhead volley at Wembley, our range of Gioteck PlayStation controllers offer you everything you need and more to give you the cutting edge.

    As with all Gioteck products and the vast range of PS3 accessories that we offer, they are compiled with the latest and most innovative designs and technology in order to put you one step ahead of the competition. With durable and robust materials that feel natural to hold, gamers should feel as though they are truly getting the most from their gaming experiences. Taking design and innovation to the next level again presents you with our incredible PS3 steering wheel, the FR-1. Maximising your gaming experience, this wireless steering wheel brings the feelings of any car based game to life. Incorporating rumble feedback and carbon styling, the freedom of wires really allows you to immerse yourself on the track as your tear up the ground and leave a cloud of smoke behind you.

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