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    Take your gaming to the next level with the right accessories and peripherals. Choosing the right equipment to complement your console or PC set up should be paramount and although sometimes overlooked the gaming chair can make the difference between winning and losing. Not only does our range of gaming chairs provide you with comfort, they also offer a complete and immersive gaming experience.

    Experience gaming like never before with a combination of military and race inspired styling, durable build quality and high definition sound drivers built directly into your chair. Feel every inch of the race track with rumble feedback or experience the satisfaction of weapon recoil, confirming your opponent has been defeated. Make the most of the beautifully rendered environments with crisp, defined sound, allowing you to hear the rumble of thunder in the distance or an enemy's breath on the back of your neck. Whether you're gaming, watching Blu-rays or plugging in your MP3 player, your gaming chair gives you the best sound experience, all in one considered package.

    Having a gaming chair with the right specifications is one thing, but at Gioteck we go one further ensuring our chairs have a compact, foldable design. Don't just take your favourite pad to a friends or LAN party, take your complete set-up – You wouldn't go into battle without a flack jacked right?

    Game the way you want to, with an optional stand included for optimum comfort and positioning and wired and wireless gaming chair models available. With comfort out of the way make sure you're not missing a pixel with our high end HDMI cables. Superior cabling ensures that colours remain vibrant, picture stays stable and sound crystal clear. No more hard to see cross hairs and washed out images.

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