Nintendo E-Store Update 28 March

What to expect on today’s Nintendo E-store update?

Nintendo seems to be increasing the amount of content it has to publish for the 3DS. Let us hope it builds momentum rather than being a flash in the pan. The Wiiu on the other hand looks a little bare.

This week for the WiiU you will find that Lego City constructs a path to the E-Store. I think we might have said this was on the store last week. It was, but only in the USA. This week Europe gets the title.

For the 3DS we have a ton of quality content and some of the highlights are:

HarmoKnight – a fun, colourful and quirky Rhythm action title. Nintendo are really pushing this with banner adverts everywhere on the net. There is a demo available too.

Code of Princess – a 2D Rpg, slash-em up! It even has online play. We think this is worth a look, but it’s not a cheap title. It’ll come in at £24.99

Luigi’s Mansion:Dark Moon – the title to get if you can afford it at £39.99. It’s already had great reviews across the web, has a great single player mode and a fun, if not amazing, multi-player mode (online and local) to extend the game experience

Resident Evil Revelations – at £24.99 this is a value price for what is a AAA game on the 3DS. For sure they are now making a version for consoles in HD, but the game looks lovely on the 3DS and the 3D really works.

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries – at £8.99 it’s the best portable Mercenaries mode out there. It looks good, plays well and has a nice online co-op mode. Ideal for a 20 minute blast.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell – a launch title and remake of the Chaos Engine title. A title that was also remade for the launch of the original DS! It’s a little clunky, and still overpriced considering it’s age and limited re playability. However it is a good rendition of a great game.

Heroes of Ruin – at £19.99 this is great value and on a personal note I’ve been waiting for this to come to the store for ages. It’s a Diablo type game, and the idea of always having it in your digital game collection is perfect for the type of grind and progress gameplay it inspires. It has full 4 player co-op with voice chat, so a meaty title offering a lot of value.