Euro PS3 Store update 15th May Highlights

It’s that time of the week again where Gioteck picks out the highlights from the recent PS Store update!

The store update was small this week, but small is sometimes beautiful. There was a nice selection of quality content posted by Sony. Let’s pick out the highlights.

Firstly do you remember the cult hit Velocity, a PSP/PS3 mini? Not many people do, as not enough played it. It was a superb space shooter, vertical scrolling game with a cool gameplay dynamic. The game area was divided into many segments by barriers and as well as shooting, dodging and collecting you had to use the square button to target an area of the screen to ‘teleport’ to as you went along to avoid the barriers. It looks good, had amazing music, played well and the core game mechanic was very refreshing. Carrying out speed runs was a superb challenge. Now we have a Vita only version. Upgraded, graphics are the main draw point here along with twin stick controls, so shooting now goes in all directions. The music is AMAZING. NOTE: PS Plus owners get this 100% free.

The long awaited (and long been in BETA) multi-player only FPS DUST was launched. This has been in Beta for ages, and brings a traditional, space based FPS game into the world of the MMO. DUST is linked to Eve, with the gameplay having an affect on the many fleets above you in space, or visa versa. Wasn’t blown away with the beta, as it seemed clunky and over complicated. However, that was a beta and this is for real. One suspects that the game might do better on the PS4 and was pushing the PS3 to it’s online limits. Still, it’s free to play, powered by microtransations. So you have no excuse really.

Metro, a chilling, post end of the world FPS game was released. This was an ex THQ published title, and most reviews seem to think it’s pretty decent. Expect to see a full review on our site soon enough. It looks lovely, is full of atmosphere and is well worth a look.

In addition check out Terraria. This we have already reviewed. It’s an awesome 2D version of Minecraft, but with it’s own unique character. PS3 owners can’t get Minecraft anyhow, so this is a great way of having a similar experience if you feel left out. In addition for those who like the idea of Minecraft but want something easier to process (as it’s not 3D), this is for you. It’s an open world, build em up, with unicorns, zombies and all sorts of wee beasties to overcome and protect yourself from.

For those that missed it and don’t have a PS2 in the house, Manhunt is released as a PS2 digital download. Controversial at the time of it’s original release due to it’s high levels of violence. It’s creepy, malicious and fascinating.

Whilst DLC is never that excited, every so often something comes along which is amazing. The Knifes of Dunwall for example for Dishonored. This week COD, Black Ops 2 players get Uprising a Zombie infested update. It looks pretty meaty!

That’s it for now folks!