Euro Playstation Store Update Highlights 24th April

Another week and another PS store update….

Here are Gioteck’s highlight’s from this weeks European PS store update. A fair week for releases, with a strong selection of full price titles coming onto the system, albeit with no game of the year contender.

For PS3 watch out for:

Dead Island Riptide – so you own a console and haven’t played a Zombie game? You must be kidding right! Well, if you really haven’t why not take a look at Dead Island Riptide. Lot’s of zombie killing along with a strong RPG element. Not a bad game, just not earth shattering.

Dragon’s Dogma: Need to kill some monsters to get you through the week? Well this is the game for you. Produced by Capcom, it’s a mash genre title with the looks of a Lord of the Rings title, open worldness of Skyrim, but with objectives similar to Monster Hunter (i.e. kill the monster). Most reviews said if you could live with it’s flaws you would enjoy it. It looks lovely to boot. At only £19.99 worth a try.

God Mode: A PSN (also on XBLA) title which offers some ‘cut to the chase’ third person arena shooting. For £5.99, it might be worth sometime. However whether it’ll have a community to play with in 9 months time is open to debate. Still at that price there isn’t too much harm.

No! Not this Spock! The Other one…. the dude from Heroes…..

Star Trek – Yes, the official game hits the store (can be bought from the 26th). Not an official tie in with the film, instead it has it’s own story line. However, its very much based in the world of JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot. No reviews out yet, but if you are a Star Trek fan you might be tempted by the glossy visuals and ability to play out a story in the Kirk and Spock universe. It’s a co-op based cover shooter.

Other minor releases of note include cult indie game ‘Thomas was alone’ is on PS3 and Vita, with PS Plus owners getting the PS3 version for free. In addition this week even PSP owners get a game  (which PS Vita owners can enjoy too)- Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi, which is a very Japanese action RPG kinda game…

That’s all for now folks.