Defiance Give-Away

Defy the odds and with Trion Worlds and Gioteck’s help play Defiance…

Defiance is the recently launched MOO shooter for PC, Xbox and PS3. It’s unique in the world of gaming as rather than being the game of the film or tv show it’s a game and tv show launched together, set in the same universe but with different stories, locations and characters existing between them.

We will be publishing a review of this title in the next few weeks, as being an MMO we want plenty of game time and want to give Trion time to implement some of the early patches (a nessesity for any MMO). It’s an exciting proposition.

To celebrate the launch, Trion has agreed to give three PC Digital Deluxe codes away to our community! So what do you need to win it? I need you to Tweet the following:   “Please Retweet and Follow @GioteckArmy: Please Gioteck, #letmeplay Trion’s Defiance because I’m so (fill this bit yourself)”

On the 5th of May we shall declare the winners!

You can find out much more about Defiance here….