FR 1



Introducing the FR-1 Wireless Racing Wheel, delivering a truly immersive and realistic driving experience for all petrol heads!

The FR-1 is an ergonomically designed wireless steering wheel controller, with built-in accelerometer and rumble feedback to ensure you feel every bump, crash and skid.


Playstation 3

Key Features

Interaction Buttons

Reducing slippage during intense game sessions, and utilizing the best component parts for rotational precision.

Precise Nudge

Ever found yourself not on the INTERACTION BUTTONS right track? These precise nudge buttons guide you in the right direction when the slightest turn or the wheel won’t do.

Ergonomically Designed

Designed for the utmost in comfort and weight for hours of wrist free ache gameplay.

Carbon Styling

Styled on the latest automotive materials and trends, the carbon styling gives the FR-1 a look that’ll stand out from the rest.

Rumble Feedback

For true, in car, feel the FR-1 has built in rumble feedback that will almost make it feel like your driving. Watch out for those barriers!

Contoured D-Pad

For quicker selection control, the contoured dished directional pad, gives easier and precise actions.