EX 03 XBOX 360

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Enhance your Xbox LIVE& gaming experience with the EX-03 Inline Headset.

Lightweight in design, comfortable over-the-ear wired rubber earhook and ergonomic body enables you to focus on your game in comfort.

Like all of our products, the EX-03 follows one important rule: form follows function, the body is designed with comfort as a priority, and wired sound through the inline controller has been improved over standard with a sound chamber design producing a fuller sound overall.

Anti-Twist wires together with intuitive inline controls close to the controller jack with a push/pull mute function complete the EX-03.


Xbox 360

Key Features

Over-The-Ear Design

Game in comfort with this ultra lightweight headset around your ear.

Noise Cancelling Microphone

Microphone shell designed for clear and distinct voice communication, eliminating echo and external noise.

Inline Ergonomic Controls

Positioned close to the controller for quick access, with notched volume control, and a push/pull mute function

Flexible Earhook And Microphone

Comfortable, flexible earhooks and microphone, just adjust your headset for a comfortable fit and maximum voice clarity.

Military Styling

A rubber coated body for comfortable contact with the ear, topped with a midnight digital camo faceplate

Anti-Twist Connecting Wire

Soft, tactile connecting wire reduces wire curl and twist.

In-Ear Rubber Cushion

Supplied with additional shapes, sizes and softness for a perfect custom fit, the ear buds sit comfortably in the ear canal reducing external ambient noise.

Large Sound Chamber

A large chamber for a fuller sound.