EX 02

Chat Headsets


The EX-02 Next-Gen Headset features a state-of-the-art chipset with built-in noise cancelling and optimum voice clarity, coupled with an incredibly long battery life.

In order to fine-tune your enjoyment online, the EX-02 has been refined to be both smaller and more comfortable; proving that without doubt that we listen to our customers and take action!

We’ve kept the amazingly comfortable earpiece and earhook design from its predecessor, keeping your game time pain free.


Playstation 3

Key Features

Intuitive Ergonomic Controls

Intuitive controls with instinctive placement of volume, power and mute functions.

Military Styling

Rubber coated body for comfortable contact with the ear, topped with a midnight camo fascia. Triple pack also available with tow other fascias.

External Speaker

Designed to sit comfortably against the ear without entering the ear canal itself. This allows for longer gameplay in comfort, while still being able to hear your sound accurately.

Reversible Flexible Earhooks

Allowing for effortless adjustment and a comfortable fit.

Noise Cancelling Technology

Next Gen Chipset featuring noise cancelling and superior enhanced voice clarity.

Rechargeable Battery

6 Hours+ continuous game time, rechargeable via micro USB connector.