Bluetooth® Headset

Our best-selling EX-01 Wireless Headset has been exclusively designed for gamers and gaming in mind.

So you can now maximize your gaming experience and stay comfortable for longer gaming sessions without an irritating, uncomfortable earpiece.

Not only is the EX-01 one of the most comfortable gaming headsets, its also easily paired to your PS3™ and intuitively controlled via the ergonomic volume and mute buttons.

Designed to be worn on either ear. Product is supplied with a right ear hook – left ear hook available from Customer Support (free of charge)


Playstation 3

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    Simply press the power button for mute


    Intuitive controls with instinctive placement of volume, power and mute functions.


    Powered by micro USB for 4+ hours of uninterrupted gameplay


    Clear indication of power & charge status.


    Designed to sit comfortably against the ear without entering the ear canal itself. This allows for longer gameplay in comfort, while still being able to hear your sound accurately.


    Lefty or Righty? No problem (left ear hook available by contacting support).

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    Product FAQ

    On PS3

    My headset will not connect to my PS3/will not pair with my PS3 & My headset used to connect but now does not
    1. Make sure that your headset is set to pairing mode. LEDs will flash alternately Blue/Green or Red/Blue before scanning
    2. Delete any Bluetooth profiles from the PS3 via settings>Accessory settings> Manage Bluetooth Devices. Switch off your PS3 and unplug it from the electricity supply. Wait 15 seconds before plugging in and switching on.
    3. When your PS3 is ready, set your headset to pairing mode and re-pair and connect your headset. NB take care when turning your headset ON or OFF that you do not press the UP/DOWN volume control at the same time as this will reset your headset.

    I have lost the passcode for my headset and need to re-pair it
    The passcode is 0000 (four zeros)

    I cannot hear the game sound through my headset
    The headset is a chat only headset. Game sounds will continue to transmit via your TV

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    EX-01 Video(s)

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