DF 1 PS3

Power And Cables


A mains powered dual charger, that keeps your weapons clean & safe and your ammo fully loaded

This contact charging dock eliminates the clutter and wires around your console, and also looks like it means business with its Full Metal Jacket and Midnight Camo paint!

The DualFuel Ammo Box takes two controllers and charges via A/C power for the minimum charging time possible.

Simply place your controllers in the ammo box to recharge for more hours of gaming!


Playstation 3

Key Features

Full Metal Jacket

With its authentic military styling, the ammo box eliminates clutter around your console and looks pretty damn cool while it does this!

Contact Charging

No messy wires, nothing to plug in, just place your controllers in the ammo box and charge.

Dualfuel A/C Powered

Plugging into your mains allows for minimal charge time, meaning more gaming time!

External Charge Indication Per Dock

LEDs breathe red when charging then green whencharged, letting you know when your controllers are ready to go without even having to open the box.

Houses 2x PS3® Controllers

Charging your controllers simultaneously means there’s no need to swap controllers in & out.

Military Style Quick Release Latch

Following the authenticity of ammo boxes, it’s a given that the DF-1 should come with a heavy duty quick release latch, making access fast and practical.