AC 1 XBOX 360

Power And Cables


The Game Case style DualFuel AmmoClip is a revolutionary concept not only does it charge your controllers using USB, it also looks and feels second to none.

Ultra compact and fronting some serious Gio artwork, the AmmoClip has been designed to be slotted away alongside your games. Leaving your living room free from clutter and you the envy of all your mates.


Xbox 360

Key Features

Full Metal Jacket

The formed metal outer case looks and feels like your special edition game cases, durable, tactile with a high quality finish.

Fast Reload

USB charged, simply click in and reload. Additional LED feedback informs you of charging status, so you know when you’re good to go.


Plugs straight into your PS3™. No extra power point or cables required.

Compact Cool

With the same dimensions as your favourite games, this charger takes up the smallest of storage space.

Neat, Tidy and Portable

Simply snap this charger shut and stack on your shelf, or carry around to your mate’s for a marathon gaming session!