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Multi-functional headsets designed for use across gaming, music, movies, media and mobile devices whilst also doubling as mobile and Bluetooth® speakers Compatible with all gaming platforms, the Gioteck FL Series is a new range of unique, practical and multi-functional headsets designed to deliver on every front.

The newest headset series is stamped with the same design and gaming necessities that Gioteck has become renowned for, including integrated stereo game sound and crystal-clear voice communication to create a truly immersive audio gaming experience.

The FL Series boast a super-comfortable, high quality finish with all the essential features required for extended gaming sessions. With adjustable, silicon durable padded headbands and open cell foam to keep the ear cups cool, the FL headsets are designed for hours of continuous play without sacrificing comfort and quality.

Providing practical gaming solutions, the FL headsets feature on-ear controls that include volume management and a microphone mute switch allowing the user to make quick adjustments to the audio and voice whilst avoiding any game play interference. The left ear cup also houses a fully flexible microphone that can be moved and adjusted to suit the user.

Multi-functional and flexible in design, this is a gaming accessory engineered to accommodate for wider lifestyle passions and entertainment enhancement. With Bluetooth® compatibility, the FL series can be used for making or answering phone calls whilst gaming or on the move.

The FL300 and FL400 models also feature fully detachable ear cups, doubling up as Bluetooth® wireless speakers at the click of a button. Providing perfect music and movie functionality, the earcups can be released from the headband and connected together through an audio jack 1.3m cable provided.

A press mode select button allows the user to seamlessly switch audio from internal to external speakers, providing an unrivalled high quality sound. The ear cup speakers can then be connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth® whilst also allowing the user to play game audio in this mode.

Available in August, the FL Series will be Gioteck’s headline attraction at E3, taking place between the 16th and 18th of June in the Concourse Hall, Los Angeles Convention Center.

For more information on the FL series and additional product ranges, visit



• Wired mono headset
• Noise isolating microphone
• Retractable and flexible microphone
• Internally folding & 180° rotating ear cup
• Silicon durable headband for super comfort
• Adjustable for a secure fit

Colours: Black
MSRP: From 24.99 $ – 24.99 € – 19.99 £
Available: From August/September, 2015



• Lightweight, wired stereo headset
• External speaker sound capability
• Retractable flexible microphone with mute LED status
• Internally folding & 180° rotating ear cups
• Open cell ear foam to keep ears cool
• Silicon durable headband for super comfort
• Adjustable headband for a secure fit
• Simple plug and play
• Universal or platform specific packaging options
• Compatible with PS4, XBOX, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet

Colours: Black, Blue, Green
MSRP: From 59.99 $ – 59.99 € – 49.99 £
Available: From August/September, 2015



All features for FL-200 PLUS:
• Bluetooth® compatible
• Unique chassis design with simple to remove ear-cups for use as Stereo BT desktop speakers
• On ear controls for play/pause, mode, volume up/down, mute, answer/hang up call
• Compatible with PS4, XBO, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet

Colours: Black, Green, Red, Blue
MSRP: From 79.99 $ – 79.99 € – 59.99 £
Available: From August/September, 2015



• Bluetooth and 2.4GHZ compatible
• External amplified speakers
• Unique chassis design with simple to remove ear-cups for use as Stereo BT desktop speakers
• Retractable flexible mic with mute LED status
• Internally folding and 180° rotating earcups
• Adjustable headband for super comfort
• Includes RF dongle for RF Wireless to PS4
• Compatible with XBO, PS4, PS3, PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet

Colours: Blue accent
MSRP: From 129.99 $ – 129.99 € – 89.99 £
Available: From August/September, 2015





PS4 Bluetooth® chat headset also compatible with PS3, phones, tablets and other Bluetooth media devices

• Bluetooth® compatible
• Bluetooth® allows chat functionality
• Unique modern design
• Reversible ear hook to enable left/right hand side wearable options
• Noise isolating microphone
• Power status light
• Compatible with PS3, phones/tablets and other Bluetooth® media devices
• Easy control on ear functions allowing on/off, volume up/down, mute, answer/end call

Colours: Black, Red, Blue
MSRP: From 34.99 $ – 34.99 € – 29.99 £
Available: From August, 2015

A unique, modern and stylish headset, the LP-01 sets the standard for on-ear gaming audio.

The LP-01 is a high-quality, superb sounding and robust gaming headset. Balancing premium sound acoustics with a first-class noise isolation microphone, the LP-01 allows gamers to enjoy a totally immersive gaming experience without unwanted background sounds or distractions.

Compact and portable, the LP-01 provides all the comfort and practical necessities required from an on-ear headset. On ear controls allow the user to make quick audio alterations whilst reversible ear hooks enable left and right hand side wearable options.

This is a headset that is set to become an indispensable part of your daily routine. Bluetooth® functionality allows the user to play music through a number of different devices, whilst a one-touch phone call control offers crystal-clear, convenient voice communication from your mobile phone.

Available to purchase in black, blue and red colourways, the LP-01 headset highlights Gioteck’s core focuses on modern design, multi-functionality and ease of use; features that are certain to appeal to core and casual gamers alike.

Hitting the market in August, the LP-01 will be Gioteck’s headline attraction at E3, taking place between the 16th and 18th of June in the Concourse Hall, Los Angeles Convention Center.

For more information on the LP-01 and additional product ranges, visit

I’ll be the first to admit it, I don’t really ‘get’ modern MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas).

Despite their ludicrous success, the likes of League of Legends and DoTa have passed me by and elicited little more than a nonchalant shrug.  Does that make me the perfect candidate to review Petrogylph’s new military based MOBA? Probably not, but at least I can give an impartial opinion from the eyes of someone who can only relate this type of game to playing the likes of Age of Empires online.

So, with excuses out of the way, it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty of what Victory Command is all about.  Unlike most MOBAs, Victory Command (or VC for short) puts you in control of a company of between 2 and 12 units, and thankfully (in my eyes at least) there’s not a wizard, troll or goblin in sight. Each battle arena is comprised of a 5vs5 team battle, where you’re required to out-gun and outwit your rivals with the militia and hardware at your disposal.

Each of the units are hard as nails bad-ass soldiers, tanks or armoured vehicles wielding guns, bombs and bullets – you know, the cool realistic battle fodder you’d expect in a war game.  With more than one unit to control and customise, VC feels more like an RTS in many respects; so if you have ever enjoyed the likes of Toy Soldiers, then you’ll feel a little more at home in this MOBA than many others – which was good news for me!

After a failed Kickstarter attempt by Petroglyph, there is clearly still some belief in the game as they’re trying everything possible to get the game out of the door and onto the hard-drives of MOBA addicts.  Currently in paid early access on Steam, VC will adopt the popular free-to-play route on launch, with the hope of stealing a host of players from the other F2P giants out there.

After spending what I consider to be far too long getting to grips with the game (thanks in no part to the endless amount of menus and options and lack of in-game tutorial), I finally started to make some progress into VC, and on doing so found a whiff of Advanced Wars, a smidgen of World of Tanks and a heap of DoTa inspired gameplay.

One of the most confusing elements it took a while for me to get my head around is the weird balance of vehicles and infantry – let me give you an example.  I found out the hard way that using a tank to kill a single unit of infantry is a complete waste of time, because tanks are considered anti-vehicle weaponry, not anti infantry.  Because of this – and the fact you can only shoot a round every 4 seconds – it’ll take upwards of 2 minutes for a standard tank to kill a single infantry unit, a pointless exercise.

If you’ve equipped a team of vehicles and happen to spawn against an infantry division armed to the teeth with anti-tank weaponry, you are – to put it bluntly – screwed.  This frustration was compounded further by the fact that you only get one life, and no chance to refuel or re-group mid-game.  The only way out is to use proper team work to combine your attacks, and defend each other when needed.

After getting used to these bizarre gameplay quirks, I settled into a few games without getting totally obliterated; each game lasted between 10 and 15 minutes.  This isn’t a dumb game, you have to think about your tactics and figure out the best routes to take on the map, which I largely figured out from following other players and picking up some of their gameplay habits.

IF you get pitched against a similar set of teams, gameplay is fast and furious with the perma-death adding a cautious edge to your every decision.   Each map has a number of focused control points and a variety of terrain, offering canny players the chance to stake out the high ground with some of their squad, whilst bating in the enemy with a few others.

In a style similar to World of Tanks, you start the game by choosing your favoured company – be it infantry, light armoured vehicles or heavy tanks. Each type of unit has a skill tree that allows you to upgrade them and their abilities using a currency earned in-game, so the more you play with one type of unit, the quicker you will be able to upgrade them.

I’m always a little sceptical of the F2P model, as it often means people with more money than sense will pay their way to winning, leading to an unbalanced playing field – whether this becomes the case currently remains to be seen, but so far VC seems to work well without making you feel pressured into laying down the cash.

Where graphics are concerned, VC  mixes the cartoon visuals of a top-down Team Fortress with old school Command & Conquer games, and isn’t overly taxing on an average system.  I was able to comfortably whack all the settings up to their maximum without so much of a hint of slow-down.

Sound is relatively well-crafted too, though the grunts of your units do get a little repetitive after a while – something you’ll be more than used to if you’ve played any RTS games.


[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”371″]

Victory Command certainly holds promise, and if you’re into MOBA and RTS games, but are looking for something new, then I’d definitely give it a go.  If – like myself – your experience with MOBAs is a little limited, then it’ll appear daunting at first; I just hope Petroglyph spend a little time polishing the gameplay and introduce some kind of in-game tutorial.

Buy Victory Command on Steam in Early Access, and you’ll get a bunch of extra content including access to more starting companies, soundtracks, and more.

By Ben Stinson

So if you hadn’t heard the new Mortal Kombat X is upon us!

So what’s new except the X at the end of the name? Well quite a bit. Check it out!

  • New for next gen consoles
  • More brutal than ever
  • New characters and old faves
  • Choice of new fighting styles across all characters
  • New storyline


[iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”371″]

Not only that but our friends from Warners are putting on a competition which involves Gioteck gear! See below!

To celebrate the release of Mortal Kombat X on April 14th, we’re giving you the chance to win an amazing prize package worth fighting for, including an Xbox One! Just head over to for your chance to win!’

What to do if your headset will not pair with its dongle…

Some users find that out of the box their dongle doesn’t pair with the headset it comes with. If you are one of these users then please follow the steps below:

  • Before starting make sure that the headset is fully charged.
  • If possible use a PC/Laptop to pair your headset and do not have any music playing.
  • Once it is fully booted up, insert the dongle, the LED should be flashing.
  • Make sure that the dongle and headset are close together. Turn on the headset by pressing the power button.
  • Press  the game volume up/down controls together and hold for a few seconds and then press the power button on the headset
  • The RED LEDs on both the headset and dongle should go solid.


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We have TWO new episodes of the Gioteck Podcast. One is late coming, due to technical reasons whilst the other is pretty upto date!

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We ALSO produce gaming vids too you know. All things to do with gaming we do. Well, except make the actual games…..

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