Now 2K Games Pulls out of E3

Following on from Nintendo 2K games has withdrawn from E3 this year…

Nintendo have already announced that whilst they WILL be at E3, they are abandoning their 2 hour epic press conference, preferring to reach out to industry and media people via private or show floor previews. As for the wider consumer coverage they will stick to their Nintendo Direct streams and other streams of media. Now, it seems, 2K have concurred that for them this is the best way to go, except they are taking it one further by not even having a stand on the show room floor.

2K are known for publishing, amongst others, the Bioshock games, Borderlands, Mafia and basketball sports NBA 2K series. Their lack of presence could simply be that they have no major game announcements with playable content, whilst yearly sport franchises can be better promoted by social media and internet channels (like this one). It’s also possible that any new games could be shown in a private room, at a nearby hotel or on a sister stand (2K games is part of Take Two).

Having a demo on the show floor has always been a precarious decision. The game can be poorly interpreted if the demo is half-baked, or a lot of effort and money can go into getting it ready for the show only for the coverage to be lost due to a major console or game release. 2013 will see the release of two major consoles, and whilst the machines would have been previewed before E3 we expect the bulk of the details to come out within those 4 days, along with information on release title after release title.

E3 is an expensive show to attend, and it would seem that publishers are being careful where they spend their money. Whilst we don’t want to jump to conclusions, could it be possible that the ‘smaller E3’ which was trialled a few years back might be revisited in a few years time?